Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thrift Explosion!!!

Hey Guys!

So recently I've been keeping busy by doing lots of thrifting, finding cute summer clothes, things for the apartment, etc. I've noticed that there are soo many hidden places locally that are FULL of awesome stuff - but that you would never know just passing by. Some I found by word-of-mouth, others by curiosity (or luck).

Hidden Treasures
Like this little spot in Hulmeville. First of all, it was huge! Three floors packed with stuff! And it was run by this really cool old man. The kind of guy that jams out to old jazz music all day, offers you lolly-pops and has a story to go with every item you buy. This guy had everything, clothes, records, books, furniture, old perfume bottles, antique roller skates, creepy portraits of women, and so much more. It's the kind of place that's only open on weekends, so it's hard to get to, but totally worth the visit.

When at a place like this one, I feel worried that maybe this place is too hidden, maybe no one knows it's here, maybe this guy won't be able to afford to pay rent and stay open! What if next time I come back it'll be dark and empty?! I can't let that happen!! So then I had an idea. I'll make a public list. A list of shops in the area, with ratings and reviews! And since I've come up with this idea it seems like there has been an explosion of thrift stores popping up. There are tons of new stores opening, too. I'm glad thrifting is becoming more popular. It means less waste, less trash, plus less demand for new shit people don't need! Less money being spent on cute tops made in Taiwan or jeans made in Brazil.

So, I'm composing a list. Each store I visit I'll give a rating 1-5. I'll also write a review, mentioning pros and cons of each store, along with comments in specific areas like cleanliness, organization, selection, staff and hours. I'll also do a haul post for some of the higher rated stores with my finds.

I'd love to get feedback from readers in the area! 

Right now I'm focusing on Lower Bucks and the Northeast Philadelphia area. (Bensalem, Bristol, Penndel, Hulmeville, Langhorne, Levittown, Feasterville, Parkwood, Morrell, Holmesburg, Torresdale, Tacony, etc.)

If you have a favorite spot you want me to review, email me at SarahjCakes@gmail.com!