Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pretty Girls in Abandoned Buildings

This is a photo project I did while I was in college (2010). I called it "Pretty, Ugly." I liked the juxtaposition of a pretty girl in a pretty dress against the dirty, decaying and trash filled locations. I love these photos so much. I love urban exploring. Decay is so beautiful. I love how nature reclaims. And all the trash and litter... the ugliness of mankind, I like to bring attention to it. 

Tell me what you think! I'm trying to focus more energy on creating recently and it's been fun to revisit these. I'd love fresh feedback!

with love,

Sarah J.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Let the Music Move You

Songs I'm diggin' lately.. 

John the Conqueror "Burn down the Cornfield"

MGMT "Alien Days"

St. Vincent "Digital Witness"

Lykke Li "Time Flies"
Listen - http://youtu.be/ia9ZYlAGrUA