Monday, March 21, 2011

Busy Busy

It has been SUCH a busy week! Worked Tuesday night. Visit my parents on Wednesday night. The boyfriend's birthday cam on Thursday; St. Patrick's Day! We slept in and then his mom came over to make hot dogs and Mac N Cheese, his favorite :) Then of course went out drinking for night. I looked super cute but forgot my camera at home! I don't like going all out and wearing too much green, so I just wore a cute forest green top with jeans and boots.

the boyfriend and I

with friends at the bar

On Friday I went to my parent's house so my Dad can give me a lesson in the kitchen. He helped me make his awesome Greek pasta salad for my boyfriend's Mom's birthday party which was on Saturday. Then Friday night we went to New Jersey to visit the boyfriend's Grandparent's. They live by the shore and have such a beautiful property that overlooks the bay. It was so quiet and peaceful and his Grandparent's were so welcoming. I got to wake up to a beautiful sunrise.

Ryan's Mom's party was a surprise birthday party that was a great success. She was 100% surprised!! Sadly there are no pictures of my cute Spring outfit because I was behind the camera all day. Then I had work Saturday night and slept all day Sunday to re-coop.

Going out to the bar tonight, my girlfriend bar-tends on Monday's.  This is what I wore last Monday;
Decided to wear the pencil skirt as a mini with a cute F21 sweater for a more casual look. Tonight I'm wearing my new heels so I'll probably dress up a bit more.

That's all for now. I've been collecting some articles for my birthday wish-list, I'll be posting that soon.

xoxo Sarah J

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