Friday, April 1, 2011


So since my birthday is only a month away I'm restricted from buying myself anything. But that doesn't mean I'm not shopping! Here are a few things I've collected that I'm totally yearning for.
Plaid Chiffon Button-Up at

Loving the sheer trend, need this one.
I have a thing for wedges and both of these would work for causal or dressy outfits. Just my style.

Ive been waiting over a year now to buy a white watch, waiting for the trend to die out. I loved the look but figured it was an expensive purchase and if watches were considered "tacky" in a few months I'd be out a few hundred. But, thank goodness, seems as if watches are here to stay and this white gold combo is so so sexy.

Ashlee Simpson
I am so in love with Ashlee Simpson's haircut right now, but my boyfriend isn't sure if he'd like it. She had long red hair before which I have now and I just love the drastic change. I always keep ahead of hair trends and this extreme short, pixie style is trending quick. I think I'm just going to surprise him with it, I know he'll love it.

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