Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What a Weekend!

Saturday my girlfriend and I went to an open audition for MTV's Real World! It was very exciting. I really didn't care about being casted for the show much but I wanted to see what kind of people something like that would bring out, and see what an "audition" was like. To say the least, it brought out a lot of over tanned skin, short skirts, and gays. It was fun.

Waiting in line
Friend Sara and I

Later we cruised the city, found an Urban Outfitters and an American Apparel around the corner. I picked up an awesome yellow circle scarf and some over the knee socks. We found this cute, little story book church and posed for pictures.

The following day we went to The Art Inception 2011 Hair / Fashion show put on by a local salon. All the styles were super edgy and fashion forward. I snapped a few blurry pics.

My friend and I dressed to impress of course. I wore my new Urban Outfitters socks from the day before and she wore her new Urban Outfitters tights.
It was such an awesome, girly night. Loved it. Check out more pictures and links to the different stylists, barbers, makeup artists, and unique talent that participated at

Here are a few more outfit pictures from that night.
 Hat - Target : Dress - Old Navy : Sweater - F21 : Socks - Urban Outfitters : Shoes - Payless

xoxo SarahJ

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