Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Oh Boy, That's Mine!

 We spent Christmas Eve at Ryan's Family's house. After dinner with their extended family, Ryan's newphew fell asleep on the car ride home. Once he was in bed, we started wrapping the remaining gifts and eating Santa's cookies. 

Ryan's Family's Tree just after Santa's visit
Stockings hung with care
The final gifts were wrapped and placed under the tree by about 2am. Then, exhausted, we retired for the night knowing it would only be a few hours before Sean was waking us all up.

Christmas Morning!
 "We plunged into the cornucopia quivering with desire and the ecstasy of unbridled avarice."-Ralphie, A Christmas Story
 "Guys... guys, wake up! Santa came! OH MY GOSH! Santa came, there's presents!" 
He let us sleep until about 8am, can't complain. He was spazzing out when he saw all the gifts under the tree. Ryan was the first to get up, I think he was just as excited as Sean was. Then he woke me up (I pretended to be sleeping, still) Slowly but surely the rest of the family came down the stairs with big yawns and sleepy eyes. Mom put a pot of coffee on while we decided who would play Santa.
He would NOT sit still for 2 seconds
"Santa brought me gum! Oh my gosh!"
A POTATO!!!??? Thanks Uncle Ryan
Ryan, his Mom, his Sister (who is pregnant) all watching Sean open his gifts.
Oh boy! Long Johns! "Oh, I hate getting old..."
His favorite gift from Santa - an XBOX360 and Halo 3!
Little Spartan
Oh the joy of being a kid on Christmas...

Sarah J


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