Saturday, December 31, 2011

Talkin' about a Resolution

 I love making a New Year's resolution. I have made one (and stuck with them) every year since 2008. The New Year is an opportunity to reflect upon your life and the past year and then start over! It is a time you can literally learn from your mistakes, take what you have learned and put it in action.

2008: To no longer eat meat, except fish and seafood. And to stop eating fast food.
-After watching films like "Supersize Me" and "Food Inc." I no longer wanted to poison my body or support factory farming.
2009: To continue to not eat meat, including fish and seafood.
-After adjusting to no longer eating meat, I decided to commit fully to being a Vegetarian. 
2010: To start taking more pride in my appearance and embrace my "girly" side.
-After realizing my extreme discomfort in embracing more "girly" things, like wearing make-up or painting my nails, for the fear of being perceived as "weak" I decided to confront my fears head on. Now, I love getting made up! Although, I still have difficulty wearing heels, I rarely visit a salon and I only shave my legs on occasion. 
2011: To take better care of my body by exercising regularly. 
-After three years of a meatless diet I noticed I consumed a lot of junk food to keep me feeling "full." I also felt my body was weak and out-of-shape. I started doing yoga and going for walks. I wanted to join a gym but haven't been able to afford it. And I never managed to kick my sugar habits.
2012: To spend and consume responsibly and to stop supporting corporate greed. 

This year, like the years before, I am taking the things I have learned and experienced this year and making a change to better myself. This year, with the Occupy Movement, the veil has been lifted on the evil that is Big Business. I am now aware of how truly corrupt most (if not all) corporations are. I can clearly see how these giant companies take advantage of absolutely every resource available to them - from the cheap labor they find overseas, to the complete disrespect of the environment, or the monopolization of every suburb or small town in America. I no longer wish to spend my hard earned money with these companies. Instead, I will empower my dollars to support local businesses, independent businesses, small businesses and companies who have strong values and stay true to them.

What is your New Year's resolution?

Happy New Year Everyone! Be safe tonight! See you next year!

Sarah J

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