Thursday, June 16, 2011

Drink Water!

Went to see The Decemberist and Best Coast at The Academy of Music, Ryan bought the tickets about two months ago as a birthday gift. Since it was a sit down show at a theater I took advantage and wore heels and a skirt, usually a big concert no-no at a standing room show. The venue was so beautiful, we were up on the Third balcony and had a beautiful view of the detailed ceiling and chandelier.
The show was awesome! Best Coast rocked, Bethany is so damn cute. and The Decemberist put on an epic performance, and were surprisingly funny! At the end they invited people from the audience on stage and gave them their instruments and made them play a song, it was so cute.

At this moment I am watching a documentary called "Food Matters" on Netflix. I highly recomend watching this movie if you are at all curious about food or nutrition. It's very easy to understand and VERY eye-opening. Stems from topics including quality of food, vitamins, media, drug companies, cancer treatment and so much more. IF YOU EAT FOOD, YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS MOVIE. Especially if you know anyone who is suffering from depression, high blood pressure, heart disease, or any sort of cancer. It's amazing how something as simple as EATING BETTER could not only prevent but TREAT these illnesses. Main lesson I'm taking away from this movie is to drink more water. It really does amazing things for your body. From now on I want to really get serious about drinking 5-8 glasses a day.

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