Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our Hearts are Wrong

School is over! Horray! Ryan (the boyfriend) had the evening off and nothing better to do, (and no money to spend) so we took a trip down the street to a crumby park on the creek. This dress is perfect for muggy, humid days. The fabric is super lightweight and I love the colors. It was really pretty and the sun was just starting to set, which is probably my favorite time of day. Every so often the light would shine through the trees in golden beams. We nearly gotten eaten alive by misquotes, though. I'm not very prone to bugs, my bites disappear in an hour or so. It's all about will power, if you don't itch them, they go away! Try it.

 Dress - Forever 21 : Shoes - Rocket Dog : Vest - Old Navy

I've been listening to Jessica Lea Mayfeild nonstop recently, I just love her old style mixed with very current lyrics. For instance,
   "i broke the little cabana boy's heart : to let you fondle me in the dark : one of those seedy outdoor motels : in your bed swore i never would tell" 
It's so dirty, something that if you weren't listening you'd think it was "such a pretty song." And then some of the guitars are so dirty, I love that. I'm really into this whole retro dirty rock trend. Can't get enough.

So Ryan and I have been thinking about moving out of our current apartment. It's just way too expensive. We wanted something more our style; like a duplex in an older building, maybe an urban setting. And that's exactly what we found! I couldn't be more excited! It's the first floor of a duplex in an older home in historic Bristol. And it's right off the main street which is full of unique shops, markets, and tattoo shops. AND a block from the water front where I can run and ride my bike... it's awesome. I can't wait to decorate. I've been watching HGTV nonstop. I'm so excited to paint and try to mix my love for bright colors with Ryan's need for earthy tones. It's a challenge I'm willing to take. 

I'm thinking something like this... 
It's mostly neutral, with gray's, black, white and wood tones. But then there are pops of yellow throughout. It's prefect. Here is some more inspiration...
minus the deer head... 


  1. those pics are amazing i want to live there (the park)
    amazing hair and i like the dress

    good blog too