Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The Home School Dropouts!!
Heyday'n it up.

The Merch Table - designed by me :)

Tyler the Vacume Cleaner Salesman

Ryan, Tyler and Spanky


Had the shutter open from shooting inside, pretty cool mistake

Ryan, Kaschak and Spanky

A not very flattering photo of myself


My boyfriend, Ryan, and his band The Home School Dropouts had their new album release show this Saturday at The Northstar Bar in Philadelphia. We were really excited because we've been waiting for this album for years, recorded it last year and now it's finally here! My job as girlfriend / merch girl / photographer / roadie has it's perks. I got in for free and ate and drank for free! I never thought I'd be "the girlfriend" hanging out with the band, but I love it. These guys are my closest friends. I love my life...

Check out the following post for photo of their show!

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