Friday, June 17, 2011


Not wearing anything special here ~ H&M lace top : F21 Shorts : F21 Boots : F21 Cardigan

It was really pleasant weather the other day, a little overcast but warm with a breeze. I decided to go to Playwicki Park with Ryan and our friend Kaschak. They brought their guitars along to jam while I wandered around and took pictures by myself (and my tripod). I've been working with Photo-shop a lot more recently but it runs really slow on my computer so it gets frustrating. I always end up just editing one or two favorites until I quit. The photo above is edited slightly, just contrast and sharpening mostly. Here are some other photos I took on my adventure.

My boyfriend likes to take pictures of me driving, I like to make ugly faces.

The move to the new apartment is quickly approaching and I still haven't started packing. I just wish I could pick up everything just how it is here and move it to the new place. Oh well, It'll be a quick move so I'll probably use mostly plastic bags and laundry baskets. Hah.

Current obsession: PJ Harvey

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